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Repeat Roses

Repeat Roses not only stops and smells the roses. They divert them from landfills and give them second and third lives. Those frothy bouquets of garden roses, phalaenopsis orchids, and plush peonies. Those lavish towers built from snowy hydrangeas and delicate jasmine, strung with startlingly green vines. Every floral display that makes an event feel lavish, in reality, has a lifespan of mere hours. After that, their journey is short. A trip to the dumpster. Then straight to the landfill. There, every ounce of blooms and greenery adds to greenhouse gases. Even a modest event can contribute up to 400 lbs of floral waste.

Enter Repeat Roses. They rearrange event centerpieces and displays into bedside bouquets, then identify local non-profits whose residents’ lives could use a little brightening. Wedding and event flowers bring delight to residents of hospices and cancer treatment facilities and to victims of homelessness and domestic abuse at local shelters. Finally, Repeat Roses reclaims the twice-loved flowers and composts them locally, where they enrich the soil to give back to the earth.

With Repeat Roses, individuals and organizations ensure that their commitments to social responsibility and eco-friendly values translate into events that generate a thousand memories, plus a charitable tax credit opportunity.

We love the triple win. For the earth. For your community. For your bottom line.

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