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Who are The Chosen Few?

At The Chosen Few our members are our “product” and their aptitude must be in direct correlation to our platform of excellence. For this reason, they are vetted according to proprietary and stringent criteria. Our vetting process becomes the framework for assembling the most proficient resources within each category of event creation. There are many factors taken into consideration including depth of experience, creativity, ability to work on a grand scale and how their best practices are perceived in the industry. An annual review and assessment is performed as well to ensure the relationship is working.

The Criteria


The Chosen Few honors candidates for their exceptional creativity, artistic skills and imagination. Each candidate must demonstrate their outstanding artistry and expertise through the development of original concepts that stress functionality, innovation, and unparalleled attention to detail. Additionally, to be considered a member of The Chosen Few, each candidate must demonstrate substantial artistic impact on the event industry as a whole.


Candidates qualify as members of The Chosen Few only if those businesses meet the highest standards of integrity. They must have the time honored characteristics of providing honest and substantial value for what is charged, and must be committed to an ongoing and trusted relationship with its clients. Each candidate must consistently maintain the highest level of confidentiality and the business must be focused on responsiveness to their clients.


Candidates must constantly be committed to the pursuit of excellence. This means ongoing continuation of industry education requirements and having procedures in place to ensure those requirements are met. Both the labor and end-product must be constantly tested and re-evaluated. The company must welcome feedback and view it as the path to ever greater accomplishment. In short, the successful candidate is one that is always able to adapt and reinvent itself as client needs and market conditions require.

Financial Constancy

Consistent profitability is a measure of the market’s vote of confidence. Only financially sound companies that have successfully been in business for some time qualifies for consideration in The Chosen Few. Evaluating the candidate’s solid financial foundation is an important requisite in contemplating membership.

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